Many of us will be traveling this holiday to see friends and family – here are a few quick travel suggestions to make the trip a little more enjoyable!

Schedule when you can

Try to avoid peak travel times – Fridays after work and the day before the holiday – can be the worst times for car travel and air travel.

Ship the gifts

Carrying extra baggage due to gifts can be cumbersome no matter how you decide to travel. Why not ship the gifts to your destination? Nearly every online store has the option to ship the purchase directly to your destination, with options for gift wrapping or at the minimum removing price information. This saves you the headache of packing the extra boxes or bags and usually doesn’t cost much extra.

Quick medicine

It never hurts to carry a small plastic bag of cough drops, cold medication, allergy medication, and aspirin/ibuprofen in case someone in your travel crew comes down with an ailment.

Don’t forget the furry or not-so-furry friends

Boarding for pets can book up fast around the holidays! Plan for your pet and try to make sure they will be taken care of while you are out traveling. If your usual boarding plan falls through, take a peek online for pet sitters – like Rover or SitterCity or PetSit – there are many options available to suit you and your pet needs.

For air travel

Hand Sanitizer! Hand Sanitizer! Hand Sanitizer! Studies have shown that airport security bins down to the plastic fold-down trays on the planes are germ havens. Check out the details in this USA Today story.

Be sure to wash your hands after going through airport security and packing some handy alcohol sanitizer for the plane. If you look around most airports, you will find free-standing hand sanitizer stations.

Get the app

Most airlines, rental car companies and even airports have their own apps for your phone – get the app! The app is a great place to check for delays, check your reservation and find quick phone numbers.

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