Car Repair Shop in Texas Bumper crunched? Headlight crushed? No matter the size of the repair, you want to use a trusted automobile repair body shop. As part of the property damage claim from a car wreck, many insurance companies push their own repair shops as the only place where you can get repairs. This is simply NOT TRUE in the State of Texas.

The Texas Department of Insurance provides a Consumer Bill of Rights for personal automobile insurance that insurance companies must give you a copy when they issue you a policy. In part, it states: CHOICE OF REPAIR SHOP AND REPLACEMENT PARTS. You have the right to choose the repair shop and replacement parts for your vehicle. An insurance company may not specify the brand, type, kind, age, vendor, supplier, or condition of parts or products used to repair your automobile. The insurance company must provide you notice of the above requirements as follows:

  • Claims submitted by telephone. Written notice within three business days or immediate verbal notice, followed by written notice within 15 days.
  • Claims submitted in person. Immediate written notice at the time you present your vehicle to an insurer or an insurance adjuster or another person in connection with a claim for damage repair.
  • Claims submitted in writing. Written notice must be provided within three business days of the insurance company’s receipt of the notice.

Yes, you can pick the automotive repair shop for your vehicle, but be sure the automotive repair shop gives you a lifetime warranty on all repairs.

Visit the Texas Department of Insurance website to learn more about the Consumer Bill of Rights for your personal automobile insurance. To learn more about your rights when you have been in a car wreck, please call (512) 893-5700 for a free consultation with Larrick Law Firm PC.