Elizabeth Larrick has successfully represented individuals who have been injured in many different types of accidents. Read more about our practice areas and learn how she may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve when you are suffering because of another party’s wrongful behavior.

Car WrecksCar Wrecks

When another person or company's wrong choices lead to a car wreck that results in injuries, victims have a right to seek compensation for current—and future—medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Unfortunately, insurance companies intent on protecting their bottom line may refuse to offer a settlement sufficient to cover the losses.

Trial lawyer Elizabeth Larrick helps car accident victims fight for the fair financial award they need and deserve. Elizabeth Larrick prides herself on giving clients personal care by listening to their needs and preparing them for each and every step of the litigation process.

  Do you have questions about your car wreck case? Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can leave motorcyclists with devastating injuries, unmanageable medical debt and, in many cases, reduced quality of life. Motorcyclists hurt in crashes caused by another person or company's negligence may be entitled to damages for injuries and other losses. Unfortunately, obtaining fair compensation in motorcycle accident cases can be difficult, as injured bikers face numerous challenges, including bias.

Trial lawyer Elizabeth Larrick can help motorcycle accident victims build a strong case, banish unfair assumptions, and fight for a financial award that's sufficient to meet their needs. Do you have questions about a motorcycle accident case? Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.


Tractor Trailer AccidentsTractor Trailer Accidents

Collisions with tractor trailer or 18 wheelers can cause significant damages to you and your vehicle. A car or truck is no match for a 80,000 pound truck and trailer. Elizabeth Larrick is a lawyer with experience handling trucking accident claims from start and through trial. Larrick Law Firm PC can hold the drivers and their employers accountable for the impact to you and your family's life. We will get justice for our clients and their families.  Please contact Elizabeth Larrick for a free consultation - a meeting in person or over the phone to discuss, ask questions, and learn your rights.

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

You have just lost someone who meant the world to you, and now you discover that his or her death could have been prevented if the person responsible had just been more careful. While you might hear the word “accident” associated with the death, that doesn’t mean that no one is at fault. In Texas, you can hold the person who caused your loved one’s death accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our experienced personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyer, Elizabeth Larrick, will look into the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death and determine if you have grounds for a wrongful death claim. If you do, she will walk you through the process to make the person who caused the accident pay for their carelessness. Nothing will bring back your loved one, but taking action will send a message that their life was valuable and the loss is deeply felt.

Pedestrian InjuriesPedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian accidents are becoming more and more common in Texas. These tragic accidents can result in devastating, debilitating, disabling, or even deadly injuries for the pedestrian. Victims injured in pedestrian accidents caused by another person or company's wrong choices may be entitled to compensation.

However, Texas personal injury laws are complex, and obtaining a fair settlement or financial award can be challenging. Fortunately, Trial Lawyer Elizabeth Larrick of the Larrick Law Firm PC can guide pedestrian crash victims through each step of the legal process. Learn more about these crashes and how to seek help if you were injured. Have questions or concerns about a pedestrian accident case? Contact us to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

Premises LiabilityPremises Liability

Premises liability is a broad term that encompasses a variety of personal injury claims that occur on someone’s property. The common thread among these claims has to do with the property owner’s responsibility for keeping their property safe and the circumstances that led up to the incident—for instance, a failure to keep their parking lot or building well-lit for guests. Properties can include apartment buildings, parking lots, grocery stores, hotels, or restaurants.

After a premises liability incident, you may face a long recovery in addition to the significant financial burden associated with your medical bills, time lost from work, decreased capacity to work in the future, physical and emotional pain, and other disruptions to your life. Trial Lawyer Elizabeth Larrick will fight to hold the property owner responsible and get you the compensation you deserve.