Collisions with tractor trailer or 18 wheelers can cause significant damages to you and your vehicle. A car or truck is no match for a 80,000 pound truck and trailer.  These damages can result in immediate impact to you and your family with medical bills, lost time from work and vehicle repairs.  Larrick Law Firm PC has handled tractor trailer and 18 wheel accident claims and knows how to respond quickly to your needs.  

Types of Commercial Vehicles:

  • 18 wheelers/semi-trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Flatbeds
  • Dump trucks
  • Water tankers
  • Heavy construction vehicles
  • Commercial passenger buses
  • Company vans and trucks

Investigation: Who is at fault?

Often times, the person the 18 wheeler trucker hit has been taken to the hospital, so the only version of events the investigating officer receives is that of the commercial driver. The officer will then place an innocent party at fault on the accident report. Although, that accident report means nothing in a civil lawsuit case, but it may cause the trucking company's insurance carrier to deny responsibility. The 18 wheeler companies have teams of people who respond to crashes and begin investigating for the benefit of the commercial driver.  Following the same example, these teams can make a determination that the injured person was at fault in opposite of an accident report, and the trucking company will deny responsibility.  One of the most important factors in claim against tractor trailer drivers and the companies that employ them is time. The trucking companies will make repairs immediately and get drivers back on the road the next day, thereby destroying vital evidence for your claim.  Having experience with these cases and scenarios, Larrick Law Firm PC begins investigating immediately by 

  • Sending a letter requiring the preservation of driver logs, vehicles and other vital evidence
  • Downloading data - including speed - off the "Black Box" of your vehicle and the 18 wheeler truck
  • Conduct a full vehicle inspection
  • Send out well trained private investigators to find witnesses and facts missing from the police officer's report
  • Work with an engineer, known as an "Accident Reconstructionist," to recreate the event through diagrams and animations
  • Extensively research the company and driver to determine their safety history
  • Investigate the maintenance and repair history of the truck involved in the accident 

Protecting Texas Victims and their Families Against Insurance Companies

If a tractor trailer driver causes an accident, protect your claim and get answers from Elizabeth Larrick, a lawyer who has experience in the courtroom against trucking companies and their insurance companies.  Larrick Law Firm PC can hold the drivers and their employers accountable for the impact to you and your family's life. We will get justice for our clients and their families.  Please contact Elizabeth Larrick for a free consultation - a meeting in person or over the phone to discuss, ask questions, and learn your rights.